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  • Cheryl Mefferd

A Day in the Life at Deep 6 Marine

Whether it's cutting down trees underwater, spraying docks for spiders, recovering a dropped cell phone or performing dock maintenance and construction both above and below the water, Deep 6 Marine is a one stop dock shop on Table Rock Lake!

Started in 2008 by Diver and Captain Jack Mefferd as a hull cleaning business, Deep 6 has become a driving force not only on Table Rock Lake but also other area lakes capable of raising sunken boats, relocating docks and even building entire docks from the ground up. There is no such thing as a dull moment at Deep 6!

Deep 6 has the capability of raising and resetting dock anchors, connecting cable to existing anchors to save the customer money or dropping new dock anchors if absolutely necessary. Keeping overhead low while maintaining the structural integrity of dock structures is of utmost importance.

Over the years, Deep 6 has traveled and worked on other lakes including Lake Conroe located in Texas, Skiatook Lake in Oklahoma and most recently Beaver Lake in Eureka Springs.

They've had incredible opportunities like raising the Zebulon Pike, working on Table Rock Dam and even having their very own video footage of Jack cutting down trees underwater shown on The History Channel!

So, if you're looking for a scuba diver to recover your dropped cell phone or maybe in the market for spider spraying or monthly dock maintenance, give Deep 6 Marine a call! No dock or underwater job is too big or too small for this locally owned company ready to provide great customer service at an affordable rate.


Watch the latest time elapsed drone footage of the Deep 6 crew building a dock at Starkey Marina on Beaver Lake in Eureka Springs here.

Deep 6 Marine 417-339-1836

If you can't fix it, Deep 6 it!

Starkey Marina, Beaver Lake

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